Insurance Development Plan


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          Insurance business possesses roles in the aggregation of saving and enhancing the national capital market.  The OIC incorporation with Thai Life Assurance Association, Thai General Insurance Association, Thai Insurance Broker Association and Society of Actuaries of Thailand has jointly developed “Insurance Development Plan 1st Edition during 2006 – 2011" to be the national insurance master plan. It will clearly direct the state policy on regulating and promoting the business, and the private and business units and related agencies operation jointly pushing development of this business systematically, harmoniously and efficiently.       
          The development of insurance plan is the attempt to path the direction of the OIC and the business units as the key role players in achieving to have strategy and scope of behaviour for superior and more modernized management, human development and mechanism, amidst both internal and external environmental limitation.  Such insurance development plan aims to have brainstorming among the related parties with discrete environment analysis in order to be able to develop a worthwhile strategy resulting in expediting and altering to have appropriate process and operation.