The Insurance company Governance Regulatory Practice

As the Office of Insurance Commission realized of importance and necessity in enhancing governance in the insurance business, it had formulated practice guideline in the good governance of the insurance company as follow:

1)      The Board of Director

1.1     Manual for Insurance Company’s Board of Director.

1.2     Practice Guideline relating to organization, qualification, duty and responsibility of the Board of Director for insurance company’s governance encouragement.

2)      Qualification and Appropriation of Personnel

      2.1  Superintendent

      2.2   Executive

      2.3   Actuary

      2.4    Accounting Auditor

     3)  Practice  Guideline for Internal Control

     4)  Practice  Guideline for Internal Audit

     5)  Practice  Guideline for Compliance Function

     6)  Code of the Best Practice of Insurance Company

                 6.1  Code of the Best Practice of Life Insurance Company

                 6.2  Code of the Best Practice of Non-Life Insurance Company

     7)  Transparency and Disclosure


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