The "10 Baht-Insurance" hit a new record of 1.3 million insurance policies issuance.  Creating a new dimension of the insurance industry with the connectivity strategic plan and bringing the insurance product to achieve the insurance- consumer goods and services linkage.   Revealed by OIC


Dr. Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn, Secretary-General of the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC), revealed that with the OIC’s proactive measures of enhancing insurance learning and understanding, and bringing insurance as a tool for risk management and good life quality to the people broadly, the developing of products and sales channels continuously fitting for people demand with the appropriate premiums against the risk has been implemented, especially for the low-income people.  Examples were the 100- insurance policy and 222-insurance policy selling during Songkran and New Year festivals.

To express its concern to back home people and the tourist, and to promote the insurance system during the Songkran festival, the OIC developed the microinsurance policies which extending the 100-insurance policy and 222-insurance policy, as the group insurance policy under the name of Songkran Uenjai  policy (or 10-Baht insurance) covering  short period of April 1-30, 2018, with the premium of only 10 baht.  The coverage was for one month for three coverage types which were firstly the death, loss of sight, and permanent disability will be payable for BHT100,000., The death by murder, assault, and motorcycling accident, secondly, will be payable for BHT 50,000.  And lastly, BHT 5,000 will be paid for the funeral expenses from illness-death.  The exception is the illness-death within the first 15 days after the starting date of the insurance period.

In addition, the 10-Baht insurance policy has revised the insured’s age from 20-60 years to 20-70 years in order to allow more people accessing the insurance system.  The sales statistic of insurance policy for April 1-30, 2561 coverage period, or Songkran Uenjai policy (10-Baht Micro Insurance) has created a new record for the insurance industry with 1,327,193 policies sales.  It was 21.04 times increment comparing with the 63,069 sales of 100-insurance policy and 94.75 times increment comparing with the 14,006 sales of 222-insurance policy for the same period last year.  This reflects the effectiveness of Songkran’s 10-Baht insurance policy as a comfortable and important tool in broadly bringing the insurance system to people’s risk management as a new OIC’s strategic plan by introducing the insurance products to link with consumer goods and services.

The Secretary-General of the OIC also said that as the 10-Baht policy was the pilot project for the first year, some obstacles occurred and need to be improved to be more effective such as the cost-free registration process complexity leading to ignorance by the interesting people.   In particular, the insurers’ staff, especially in the region, lacked knowledge and understanding to explain to the public of the conditions to buy this 10-Baht policy.   As well as publicity of this scheme was weak due to too short time for publicity and sales.

To further extend the connectivity strategic plan by integrating the insurance system with consumer products and services efficiently and to enhance the development of 10-Baht insurance policy accessibility in the next opportunity, the OIC has formulated the following guidelines.   Firstly apply technology to ease difficulty and complexity as well as for the insurers’ convenience and speed and cost reduction, such as applying the QR Code to the insurance system.  Secondly, enhance the learning and understanding of the intermediaries who have to introduce and communicate correctly to the consumers.  Thirdly, collaborate with the insurance industry to drive continuous proactive publicity.  And lastly, encourage more major consumer and service entrepreneurs to join this program.

It had to appreciate to those consumer products and services operators, including 19 insurance companies who jointly brought the insurance system directly to Thai people without the expense. They were including TQM Insurance Broker Co., Ltd, Advanced Info Service PLC (AIS), Counter Service Co., Ltd., Black Canyon (Thailand) Co., Ltd., PTT PLC, Tesco General Insurance Broker Co., Ltd., Wan Wo Yub Corporation Group Co., Ltd., Oagar (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Bangkok Insurance PLC, Krung Thai Panich Insurance PLC, Asia Insurance PLC, LMG Insurance PLC, Ocean Life Insurance PLC and AIA Co., Ltd. 

"The OIC intensively creates public learning and understanding to be accessible to the insurance systems as the risk management tool for them and families. Therefore, the 10-Baht insurance policy is a pride of the OIC which eases Thai people to access the costless insurance system.   By introduction of 10-Baht insurance policy connecting with consumer goods and services in the form of special privileges for special customers, it is expected that this similar type of policy would be delivered to the general public for the next coming years"  said the secretary-general.