Dr. Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn, Secretary-General of the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC), revealed that the rapid advancement of information technology is underway, either FinTech or InsurTech of the financial and insurance business which become the challenges to all industries.  None exemption for the insurance industry, it needs to adapt to keep pace with new innovations, but would be both opportunities and challenges.  Without such adaptation, the severe effect would happen and hard to recover.  Confrontation with this change, it has to have the mutual assistant manner of insurance personnel of both private and government sectors.  By the adoption of leapfrogged technology to their own works, it would ease working of both service providers and the serviced persons.  In addition, technology will help the regulatory authority in the regulatory process for the maximum benefit of the consumers

The OIC as the insurance regulatory authority recognizes the importance of accelerating adaptation and development of personnel to keep pace with the changes.  It keeps in mind that the human resource development to have competency and motivation to propel the organization toward the Digital Insurance Regulator. It also has to have equilibrium between people benefit protection and encouraging digital innovations in the insurance industry.

During April 20-23, 2018, the OIC organized an intensive training workshop of "Knowledge Building Program for Enhancement of Skills and Efficiency in Performance for Regional Insurance Personnel" of 4 consecutive days at the Chaophya Park Hotel, Bangkok.  The trainees were from the employees of the central and regional offices of the OIC countrywide.

"This seminar is a great opportunity to provide important scripture for employees to develop themselves.  The first is "Knowledge" to develop and keep pace with the insurance industry. Example is changing from manual supervision and inspection to technological method to make it faster and more concise which may be so-called “IT Audit”.   In addition, the information must be complete and up-to-date both new and improving rules.   Secondly, "Integration" to create a network of partnerships and collaboration with other agencies that will enable faster, more efficient and effective work.  Example was the rescue of people from major accidents. Such as flood or major accident in Tak province which firstly the only working teams within the province may not be effective, but it did work when jointly with the neighboring teams of OIC provincial offices and insurance company.    Thirdly, "Presentation and Interpretation" that staffs expected to be future executive, has to develop communication skills, public speaking and presenting insurance information or related information to people or agencies.   Fourthly, the "Job Skills" generated by training and practice, the office now sets each job standard that integrates team to perform consistently and having standard.   The regional directors have to be more active and take role.   And lastly "Neutrality and Honesty", is an important factor for confidence and reliability.  We are confident that the OIC will act as a regulatory body that drive and propel of good governance in business operations of the insurance industry "remarked by the secretary-general.