Dr. Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn, Secretary-General of the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC), revealed that the case of 14th stories, 100 residents of  Rajathevee Apartment Building burning on April 3, 2018, at about 02.30 hrs, located at  488/18 Soi Petchburi 18, Petchaburi Road, Rajthevi, Bangkok, with three deaths and forty-four injured from fire smoke.   The Tha-Pra Office of OIC was assigned to monitor and coordinate closely to support the suffered in a timely manner and have the compensation paid for the preliminary remedy.   The office will closely follow up to expedite the payment of the remaining claims. 

The OIC has investigated that the building was insured under business risk insurance (ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE (PROPERTY) INSURANCE POLICY FOR BUSINESS) with AXA Insurance Public Company Limited, Policy No. 2017-P1078329-PAC coverage on July 4, 2017, until July 4, 2018, with a sum insured of THB 314 million. The coverage consisted of buildings (including foundations) with sums insured of THB 300 million, loss of rent (up to 6 months) with sums insured of THB 14 million.  The coverage extends to liability for the damage to property and injury to outsiders with THB 15 million limited coverage for each accident and throughout the insurance period.   The OIC’s Benefit Protection Group and Ta-Phra office co-worked with the insurance company to make quick settlement correctly and fairly.   Initially, the insurance company was on going to pay preliminary remedies to the 3 deaths’ heirs of THB 100,000 each.   The heir of Mr. Peerapat Incheon (Triam-Udom School student) has got paid, and the other two were under contacting for payment.

The Secretary-General of OIC mentioned that the OIC expressed its deep condolences to the families of the deaths and injured.   It will help to facilitate the insurance and coordination of compensation to the victims.  Accident and casualty can occur at any time which is not expectable.    So, we should not underestimate and overlook the importance of insurance as the best risk management tool and help to relieve the burden.    Individual and business can opt to buy insurance policy appropriate to the risk.  However, the location and the use of buildings including the ability in paying premium should be considered.     Anyone has question about insurance can contact and query to the hotline 1186.