Dr. Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn, the OIC Secretary-General mentioned about this year heavy rains of rainy season coming with sudden floods, mudslide and some watershed areas for overflow dams that damage the agriculture.  The OIC is concerned about this floods affected situation this year, therefore, all regional/provincial offices are required to be ready to subsidize damaged person by coordinating with various government and private agencies in the closely monitoring situation and setting preventive measures to life, boy and property damage from possible natural disasters.  In addition, if the said damages occur to the insured, including farmers who have the crop insurance, the insured’s benefits have to be protected and the remedy payment expedited. The reports of damages, remedy and complaints have to be submitted by those regional/provincial offices to the OIC’s Regional Support Operation Group for further action.

In addition, Thai General Insurance Association and the Thai Life Assurance Association were reminded to deal with all insurance companies and life insurance companies to closely monitor, alleviate the suffering of the affected persons and to timely heal the damage by coordinating with concerned agencies in various areas.   Also, they are expected to keep track of the situation, set the preventive measures against the damage to the life, body and property of the people and well prepared for this year disaster.   The claims for damages to life, body and property of the insured should be accelerated indemnified promptly and correctly including crop damage of insured farmers.    The two insurance associations are also required to ensure the life and non-life Insurance companies report summarily of the damage and compensation for natural disaster situations to the OIC’s Benefit Protection Operation Group for further monitoring and support to people affected by natural disasters effectively, promptly and fairly. 

"I would like to emphasize that the Office of Insurance Commission will use all resources and networks under its authority to provide insurance assistant and relief to the insured as well as people who affected by the flood this year as usual." Dr. Suthiphon remarked.