Dr. Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn, the OIC secretary-General, co-chaired the meeting with Dr. Ekniti Nititanprapas, Director-General of the Revenue Department on October 4, 2018, in clarifying the procedure of how to submit the health insurance electronic information in obtaining tax privilege for the health insurance holders as well as the tax measures to promote the health insurance. The meeting was held at Phuttachon 1 and 2, 2nd Floor, Revenue Department office, Phaholyothin Road, Bangkok

Dr. Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn, the OIC Secretary-General stated that an OIC is the regulatory and promotional agency for the insurance business with transparency, credibility, and protective practices for the insured benefit, has implemented a major government policy under the 3rd insurance development plan to promote and support the increasing roles of the insurance system in risk management and life and property security appropriately.   This does not only ease the state burden of welfare expenses but also supportive to build social security and the sustainably grew Thai economy.

The OIC has focused on promoting the diversified insurance product development to cope with the risk condition and need of the insured continuously.  Aiming to provide people with good saving, and the financial risk from health and elderly expenses, the OIC has pushed the tax measures to encourage the insured to apply suitable insurance scheme, such as life insurance, health insurance, pension insurance and health insurance for his and spouse parents, by allowing the insured to apply premiums for the tax deduction.  To support such tax exemption under the tax law, the OIC has amended the form and content on the insurance application to have the answer to questions for such tax exemption allowance and the consent to disclose and submit information to Revenue Department. This will ease the insured who needs the tax deduction, not have to provide premium payment document.

"Supporting the data linkage of tax measures for health insurance promotion has been collaboration of all sectors, i.e. government agencies like the OIC and Revenue Department with the insurance industry agencies like the life and non-life insurance company, Thai Life Assurance Association and the Thai General Insurance Association, and the insured. It is useful to these insured as the taxpayer.  As from the tax year 2561 onwards, taxpayers who apply for tax-deductible from health insurance do not need to provide premium payment document. Future development would be integration closely with all parties including the Revenue Department to bring in new data linking development innovation in providing information and improve faster and easier service, and reducing duplication information process.  Example, personal information of any person who has given to one agency should be able to retrieve by the others via personal authentication. In addition, Block-chain/Digital ID technology which allows personal information sharing, has to be secure and safe.  The other OIC important measure in increasing data management efficiency for huge data handling amidst this digital leap, is setting up the Insurance Bureau System which recently the Committee for the Management of Central Insurance Databases was presided by the OIC Secretary-General. This is to ensure the management system is clear and consistent with the operational plan and objectives of the OIC covering data input, verifying & validating, publication and accessibility by public"  expressed the secretary-general of the OIC.