The OIC’s Secretary-General, Dr. Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn, revealed on the government focusing policy on driving agricultural insurance reform by applying the insurance system as a tool to manage risks which may occur for agricultural crops, livestock, and fisheries that would create the stable living, income raising and economic inequality reduction of the people.

In propelling the Government policy, the OIC Secretary-General, as the registrar, has approved the form and content in the dairy insurance policy and the premium rate enforcing from December 7, 2018, to February 3, 2022.

The Dairy Insurance Policy is the collaboration between the Thaivivat Insurance Public Company Limited and the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) which provides protection to dairy farmers (the insured) who could lose or be damaged in 4 cases.  The first case is the dairy cattle died due to the accident, fire, lightning, flood, landslide, storm and earthquake with sum insured of THB 16,500 - 18,000.  The second case is dairy cattle die due to the foot-and-mouth disease with the sum insured amount of THB 16,500 - 18,000. The third case is the loss of milking ability caused by the foot-and-mouth disease to the cattle with the sum insured amount of THB 3,300 - 3,600. And the fourth case is the loss of milking ability caused by the mastitis disease to the cattle with the sum insured amount of THB 1,650 - 1,800.

The OIC Secretary-General added that the second to the fourth case will have the 30 days waiting period from the date the insurance policy becomes effective. The compensation will be paid according to the agreed amount as specified in the per-policy per year.  The insurance premium is between THB 600-1,257 for the insured healthy cattle aged between 18 months to 8 years old, with a health certificate from the veterinarian.   The insurance premium can also be partially paid on instalment basic to reduce payment burden.  

"The Office of the OIC is moving forward with the government policy on insurance product development lying with the risk conditions and the needs of low-income people to upgrade their living as well as expanding the channels easily and conveniently accessible to the insurance system. Integrated with relevant agencies both public and private,  along with creating knowledge of agriculture insurance to Thai agriculturists to have more awareness of the importance of insurance, it will result in continuity and sustainability in the crop insurance policy reform.   The knowledge development has been additionally made in form of “Application” for easier accessible thoroughly by the agriculturists", said the OIC’s Secretary-General.